Eastern Regional Champs

Eastern Regional Championships.

Mount Maunganui

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The main beach at Mount Maunganui once again hosted the Eastern Regional Championships. The two days of the event had totally different weather conditions. The heat of Saturday saw the mercury rising into the 30’s, and starting the beach events mid day, meant very hot feet in the sand.
Sunday’s conditions were significantly chilled by rain, which did eventually clear.
The surf conditions however were consistent, with a brutal pounding shore dump, that bruised bodies and broke equipment, even of the best athletes.
Fitzroy had a team of 26 on the beach along side over 900 other clubbies, representing 39 clubs. ERC’s is certainly a rehearsal for Nationals.

Podium Finishes

Place Event Competitor
Gold medals  U19 M Beach Relay Javon McCallum / Chad Collop / Bevan Spragg /  Thomas Cole
U19 M Ski Thomas Cole
Silver Medals U16 M Beach Sprint Bevan Spragg
U19 W Canoe Aleisha Sadler /  Sophie Jury / Brooke McAuley / Paige Shotter
Bronze medal  U19 2km run Emma Crewe