Expectations and Responsibilities


Safety is our number one priority at Junior Surf, so it is important the children are dressed appropriately. In the water the children must be able to move freely without unnecessary drag. Togs are recommended instead of Board Shorts, or on colder days, a well fitted wetsuit, with the pink vest worn over the top.


Please provide your child with hat, rash top, drink and sunscreen before arriving at the beach.


Parents are encouraged to join in with the activities or assist on the beach or with other small tasks on Club training or Competition Days. Please contact our Club Coordinator if you can help out anyway, we would love to utilise any skills you can offer.

We will require assistance on the BBQ each Sunday, and a roster will be developed at the beginning of the season. This is a great opportunity to get to know other club members. Nip Nip or Nipper children do require caregivers to be on the beach with them, so if rostered on the BBQ, please ensure another adult is assisting on the beach on your behalf.


Please ensure all equipment used by your child is washed down and put away correctly. The better we look after our gear, the longer it will last. A Gear Steward will be available at the end of the training days to oversee this. Please report any damage to gear to our Gear Steward or Junior Surf Coordinator.


All children are expected to follow all instructions as this is a water sport and safety is paramount. Good manners rule! Please remember to thank the Coaches.


There is no requirement for the younger junior surf members to be strong swimmers. However in view of the environment in which our activities are carried out, every effort should be made to ensure that your child has some swimming proficiency. It is expected that as children progress through their age groups, their swimming ability increases.

We encourage enrolling in swimming lessons or squad training where appropriate with a local qualified instructor.

200m BADGE

To gain your 200m badge you must swim 200 metres in 8 minutes and tread water with one hand in the air for 1 minute. This will be done at an organised pool session. Notifications for these will be posted on our Junior Surf Web page.

200m badge must be sewn onto your competition cap. This badge is required as a safety aspect and must be achieved before children can compete in the larger knee board races and events.