Fitzroy Focus – 18Jan2016

Central Regional Championships
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New Zealand’s, Central Regional Championships was at Waimarama once again this year. The weather was a scorcher, with temperatures in the 30’s, and the sea very pleasant with a modest wave rolling in. Fitzroy fronted with a twelve person team; East End with 29, and NPOB with 9 members. It was a very full and long day of competition, and what the team lacked in quantity, it more than made up in quality. Every one of our competitors had a podium finish, most adorned with neck breaking numbers of medals.

Thanks go to Glen for the gourmet catering, Malcolm Heke for being our official, and of course Ron for coach/manager.

Meanwhile back at the beach

Adam reports: This past weekend has been the busiest so far this season, with up to 300ppl enjoy the water at Fitzroy beach, each day over the weekend. With rips and large surf is was awesome to see an extremely attentive and professional team of Fitzroy lifeguards available to patrol the beach and maintain the high level of lifeguarding, which Fitzroy has set over the past few seasons on busy days, while our competiton side of the club was at Waimarama competing and our junior surf lifeguard helpers were at opunake providing there support to our amazing up and coming lifeguards.

Big thanks to the lifeguards that got a call during the afternoon to come down and help out, and our two superstar patrol captains Saturday – Vice club captain Anna Beavis Sunday- Brad McCormack. Also a big thanks to the Recuse Squad On call co-ordinator Rhys Clark for loaning us 3 radios form the squad to carry out a very effective and skilled patrols.
With all the focus SLSNZ has put on the prevention of the drowning over the holiday period it was great to see the commitment of the Fitzroy Lifeguard Team over the weekend.

Fitzroy Social Event Organising

The committee is looking for expressions of interest from members who are interested in being involved with the organisation of social events (of any description) for the club membership. This is not charged with a fund raising agenda, but a ‘promote the family/ social/ fun’ side of the club agenda.

Close-up of people making good cheer

If you have a flair for ideas for social events, or an interest in helping with organisation or careering, then send Alison Cole an email, and we will start to look at getting a social event committee up and running.

Just a Reminder

To look after our club and training/competing equipment; keep it clean, tidy and put away correctly after use.

Alison Cole
txt/ph; 021 777856