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Eastern Regional Championships.

Mount Maunganui

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The main beach at Mount Maunganui once again hosted the Eastern Regional Championships. The two days of the event had totally different weather conditions. The heat of Saturday saw the mercury rising into the 30’s, and starting the beach events mid day, meant very hot feet in the sand.
Sunday’s conditions were significantly chilled by rain, which did eventually clear.
The surf conditions however were consistent, with a brutal pounding shore dump, that bruised bodies and broke equipment, even of the best athletes.
Fitzroy had a team of 26 on the beach along side over 900 other clubbies, representing 39 clubs. ERC’s is certainly a rehearsal for Nationals.

Podium Finishes

Place Event Competitor
Gold medals  U19 M Beach Relay Javon McCallum / Chad Collop / Bevan Spragg /  Thomas Cole
U19 M Ski Thomas Cole
Silver Medals U16 M Beach Sprint Bevan Spragg
U19 W Canoe Aleisha Sadler /  Sophie Jury / Brooke McAuley / Paige Shotter
Bronze medal  U19 2km run Emma Crewe

Taranaki Championships

Fitzroy Surf Club

This weekend, Fitzroy will be hosting the Taranaki Championships.
Starting on Thursday at 5pm with boat and canoe, the competition continues over Saturday and Sunday, culminating on Monday with IRB’s. If you’re not competing come down and support the team.

New Zealand Representative Challenge

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The inter-provincial championships saw a Youth and a senior team from each of the nine provinces competing on Monday. This is the first time for a few years that such a competition has been held, and the events were slightly variant to the normal Nationals events. Despite a drizzly Monday morning the beach was packed with spectators, and they were not disappointed. The Taranaki competitors held their own in many of the events, snatching some of the honours from the ‘Big Guns’.
Over all the Northern Region won both the Senior and Youth events, with Bay of Plenty not too far behind. Our Youth team placed third over all and the Senior team fourth. Fitzroy was well represented in both teams, with 6 of the 12 athletes in the Open team and 8 of the 12 in the Youth team.
Congratulations to Keely O’Keeffe, Natalie Walsh, Cassie Wilson, Thomas Cole, Abe Larsen, Gregor Park, Zac Reid, Bevan Spragg, for their selection into the Youth team, and Ariana Kereopa, Flossie Lundon-Moore, Sarah Wilson, Chad Collop, Javon McCallum, Scott Murfitt, for their selection into the Senior team.

See full placings and points here

This week’s reminder

If you use club gear, you are responsible for putting it away (and this includes after away-meets).

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Txt/ph; 021 777856