Taranaki Champs 2016

Taranaki Champs 2016

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Taranaki Champs were held at Fitzroy beach, commencing last Thursday night with boat, canoe and double ski. Saturday afternoon saw board rescue and tube rescue, with the rest of the program being run on Sunday. The weather was very hot over all the days, and surf conditions just enough to make it interesting.

All our competitors really got into the racing, putting themselves on the line time and again. It was especially great to see the new life guards not only turning up to race, but racing exceptionally well, and achieving Taranaki titles. Likewise it was also good to see some of our more senior members putting their bodies on the line, and being well in the chaise.

Fitzroy came out victorious in a very impressive manner, almost on double the points of East End who were in second place, with NPOB third.

Much of this achievement was due to the good and positive club atmosphere, and the ‘lets get in there’ attitude.
As always we owe a debt of thanks to all those that helped, especially the officials, without whom the event would not run. Brian was particularly diligent with his help, and his organisation keep the races running in timely fashion.
Also a mention to Jo Brimelow for coordinating the catering.

You can see the full 2016_taranakichamps_results.

Photos: If you would like to see more photos, you can find them here. They are all high resolution and so take a few moments to load. They can them be viewed in a slide show or down loaded.